3NITY means state of being three and our Music is influenced by Latin, American and African genres. 3NITY is a newborn female band and it is the first latin female band in the Boston area. 3NITY if formed by talented, educated and well-known latin female musicians in Boston: Zahili Zamora (pianist/vocalist), and Irisley Gomez (bassist/vocals), from Cuba, Zayra Pola (drummer/Vocalist) and Fabiola Mendez (cuatro/vocals) from Puerto Rico, Karolina Meireles (percussion) from Brazil and Anggie Obin (flute) from Panama. Our music has a unique mix of all different cultures and influences. 

Performing in big and small venues for all type of audiences around the world, some of us have had the pleasure sharing stage with big names in the music industry such as: Annie Lennox, Willie Nelson, Alejandro Sanz, Rosa Passos, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Bill Whelan, Simon Phillips, Carole King and many more. They recently opened for El Gran Combo from Puerto Rico at the Hispanic Festival in the USA. Meeting at Berklee College of Music they felt a powerful magic making music together.


Image by Joe Woods